Systemic Family Constellations Surrey

Systemic Family Constellations Surrey


What are Surrey Systemic Family Constellations?

Systemic Family Constellations Surrey provide a solution-focused process, developed by the German philosopher and psychotherapist Bert Hellinger. Unlike other therapeutic approaches, family constellations Surrey explores each person’s intrinsic place in the groups or ‘systems’ to which they to belong (rather than simply focusing on the individual in isolation). This process is therefore also referred to as systemic constellations. These ‘systems’ may be our current family, our family of origin, our workplace or even the environment we live in. This means we are looking at the person, and the system they belong to, as a whole holistically (all inclusive). Family constellations is therefore an all inclusive, solution-focused and holistic approach to all kinds of issues.

The main aim of a family constellation is to bring to light the (often hidden) truth of ‘what is’. This in itself can lead to many deep insight. In a next step of a family constellation process, we look to see if it is possible to maybe find a more peaceful solution for the system, and therefore the client who is embedded within that system. Consequently, it can offer healing re-soulutions to issues with roots in our own family and social systems. As unresolved issues from previous generation may come up for healing, this process is also often referred to as ancestral healing or trans-generational healing.

Who Benefits from Systemic Family Constellations Surrey?

Systemic Family Constellations can thus bring insights and peace to a wide range of issues including:

Infertility or difficulties to conceive

Bereavement, adoption, abortion

Recurrent life patterns and issues of any kind

Illness, including addictions and eating disorders

Therapists working with complex issues with clients

Family and relationship difficulties between partners and/or parents

Unhappiness and ongoing emotional symptoms such a rage, anxiety, limitation, depression and lack of motivation

You do NOT need to have and obvious issue with your family to take part (and benefit from) this work. Systemic Family Constellations certainly complement other therapies beautifully and can bring to light the core or root of what is, and thus offer new insights and opportunities for healing. There are many examples reported where the well-being of individuals and/or the whole dynamic in a family or company starts to change following such work.

I offer a solution-focused, systemic approach (systemic family constellations) in my personal practice in Surrey, near Hampshire and Berkshire and also via zoom consultations.

I also run Systemic Family Constellations workshops in Surrey for family, relationship and personal issues.

It is with much joy that I offer this deeply moving process to those who are open for it.

Photo at the top of the page by Omar Lopez on Unsplash