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Do I Need To Bring My Family To A Family Constellation Session?

No, is the short answer. It is not necessary to bring anyone else along to a family constellation therapy session. Most people come along on their own, although it can be very powerful if more than one member of the family take part in a family constellation session.

What Happens In A Family Constellation Session?

Whether you are bringing an issue to a one-to-one session or a workshop, the process is the same in that the facilitator will first of all try to clarify what it is that you are looking to achieve through the process. Once that’s been clarified, you will set up the constellation, with the help of the facilitator. Once the constellation has been set up, you will look at that the constellation brings to light. This in itself will often bring great insights and healing. In a second step, the facilitator will explore if a new solution can be found, so that you can move towards your goal, or heart’s desire, more freely.

What If I Don’t Know How to Represent for Others?

That is no problem at all! You don’t need to be an actor, super sensitive or anything special. In fact it helps if you are there without any of the aforementioned. Everyone can represent, all you need to do is be present and report back what you experience. If you don’t feel anything, that’s valuable information too.

What Can I Expect From A Family Constellation Session?

The first and most important thing is that you are open to seeing something new about the issue that you bring. I call this bringing an open heart to the session. Most people report gaining great insights and clarity, as well as a feeling of peace after a constellation. Many people also experience a feeling of relief and a ‘lightening’ of the load following this process. Sometimes, even members who have not been present, are affected in a positive way.

What Is The Difference Between Family Constellations And Trans-generational Healing?

Trans-generational healing means that we are addressing trauma that has been suffered, but never resolved, by individuals in our family system, and then passed down the family line to us. Family Constellations is a unique and highly effective process that identifies and addresses trans-generational trauma. Therefore Trans-generational healing can happen within a family constellation process. However, family constellations can also be used for resolving personal issues, as well as other dilemmas, that are NOT linked to trans-generational trauma.

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What Is The Difference Between Family Constellations And Ancestral Healing?

Ancestral healing, or trans-generational healing implies that we are addressing trauma that was suffered by our ancestors. Any trauma that has been suffered by our ancestors but never resolved, gets passed down the generations until one day someone is brave enough to look at it. Family constellations offers a unique and effective process to identify where ancestral trauma has originated from, and in a second step, aims to heal it, so it no longer has to linger in the family system and be passed on. However, please note that family constellations can also be used to address personal, relationship and many other issues, that are not linked to our family system. We could therefore say that one part of family constellations is to address ancestral healing but it has more to offer on top.

How Many Family Constellations Will I Need?

That will of course depend on the depth of your issue. However, family constellations are considered short term therapy. So you won’t need to come back for regular sessions. Many people only do one constellation, while others may come back after a few months for another one.

What Kind of Issue Can I bring to A Family Constellations Workshop?

It is not necessary to have and obvious issue with your family to take part (and benefit from) a family constellation. The driving force is a heart’s desire for something to be different in your life. Common issues that we explore through the family constellation process includes:

Adoption (whether you are the sibling, parent or child) you will all be affected by this process in some way

Recurring life patterns that prevent you from fulfilling something in your life

Infertility, difficulty to conceive or a tendency to miscarriages

All types of mental and emotional difficulties

Anxiety, depression and stress

Dis-ease and suffering

Confusion in identity

Relationship issues

Eating disorders

Family issues