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Systemic Family Constellations Workshops Surrey


What happens at a Family Constellations Workshop?

Developed by the German philosopher and psychotherapist Bert Hellinger, Family Constellations thus provide a solution-focused process. One of the most profound therapies in Europe today, Family Constellations is now available to you Surrey. At a Surrey Family Constellation Workshop, participants wishing to explore their own issues are invited to set up their own constellation using members of the group to represent members of whatever system they are working on.  By creating a “living map” of an issue or situation, simple truths can come to light and be understood. In the second part, the facilitator aims to find a re-soulution. Both acting as a ‘representative’ and being an issue holder can offer profound insights and healing opportunities.

These workshops may be of particular interest to you if you:

  • have a symptom or personal issue (and who hasn’t?) that you are open to seeing in a new light and creating an opportunity for it to change;
  • are interested in gaining a new perspective  into  feelings of well-being
  • and dis-ease by looking at the hidden dynamics at play (you could be a therapist or an individual with an interest in this field);
  • are open to experiencing life from someone else’s point of view.

Systemic Constellations can create a healing movement in family and personal issues such as:

  • Symptoms and dis-ease
  • Addictions and eating disorders
  • Bereavement, adoption, abortion and infertility
  • Relationship issues (with partners or parents)
  • Unhappiness and  ongoing  emotional  symptoms such a rage, anxiety, limitation, depression and lack of motivation

This family constellations workshop provides an opportunity to explore your own issue in a safe and supportive environment.

Should I book as an Issue holder or representative?

Representatives: You can experience the workshop as an issue holder or representative only. The difference between the two is that as an issue holder you will get your turn to set up your own issue at some point during the constellations workshop. Everyone at the workshop, when they are not working on their issue, is there as an available resource for the person whose turn it is to set up their issue. Representatives are there to represent various members or elements of the systems that are being looked at. Many people get experience deep insights while acting as a representative for others. You   can only   truly understand   someone else when you have walked a mile in their shoes. Consequently, being a   representative   in this   work  gives  you exactly  this  opportunity  and  could   thus  be  described  as   one  of the greatest empathy training available.

Issue holders: As an issue holder, on top of being a representative for others, you will also get your turn to work on your own personal issue. You can bring any family or personal issue that you feel is blocking the flow of your life.