Family Constellations Workshops Surrey

Family Constellations Workshops 2024

Sat 31 August (Bagshot, Surrey)

Sun 27 October (Bagshot, Surrey)

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What Happens at a Family Constellations Workshop?

Once you have read about Family Constellations, you may wonder, what happens at a Family Constellations Workshop Surrey? At our Surrey Family Constellations Workshop, we come together to heal one another and make peace with what cannot be changed. The driving force in this will be a deep longing for a new solution. Once this heart’s desire has been established, the facilitator will gather facts, from your personal life as well as that of your ancestors. These ‘facts’ include events that happened in your family, like divorce, being sent away, having had to flee, or an early death. In a next step, at our family constellations workshops Surrey, the facilitator will set up the family system (or part of it), using members of the group to represent members of whatever system they are working on. This is the beauty of attending a Surrey family constellations workshop, because here we can use ‘real people’ to set up your system, and here is where the ‘magic’ happens.  By setting up a “living map” (through the representatives) of an issue or situation, simple, and largely hidden truths can come to light and be seen. In the second part of a Surrey family constellation workshop, the facilitator aims to find a new resolution. This often involves a movement like handing back what is not ours to carry, taking responsibility for what belongs to us and re-membering those who have been forgotten or pushed out, to name but a few. There is nothing like attending a family constellations workshop Surrey to experience this magic.

Are Family Constellations Workshop the same as Ancestral Healing Workshops?

The simple answer is yes, even though not  every constellations delves into the ancestral line at a Surrey Family constellations workshop. Nevertheless, most family constellations at our workshops, end up looking at causes that lie in our ancestral field. It is too often the unresolved trauma from our ancestors that are impacting us still today until one day we are brave enough to face them and that’s what we offer at our family constellations workshops, a deep experience of ancestral healing.

Personal Issues Coaching Surrey

Family Constellations Workshops Surrey Are For You If You:

have a symptom or personal issue (and who hasn’t?) that you are open to seeing in a new light and creating an opportunity for it to change;

are interested in gaining a new perspective  into  feelings of well-being

and dis-ease by looking at the hidden dynamics at play (you could be a therapist or an individual with an interest in this field);

are open to experiencing life from someone else’s point of view.

Systemic Constellations can create a healing movement in family and personal issues such as:

Symptoms and dis-ease

Addictions and eating disorders

Bereavement, adoption, abortion and infertility

Relationship issues (with partners or parents)

Unhappiness and  ongoing  emotional  symptoms such a rage, anxiety, limitation, depression and lack of motivation

This family constellations workshop provides an opportunity to explore your own issue in a safe and supportive environment.

Personal Issues Coaching Surrey

Should I book as an Issue Holder or Representative?

Both acting as a ‘representative’ and being an ‘issue holder’ at a Surrey family constellations workshop can offer profound insights and healing opportunities. You are welcome as either at our family constellations workshops Surrey.

Issue holders: As an issue holder,  you will be able to bring along an issue to work on at the family constellations workshop. Whether you want to bring a family or personal issue, is up to you. For as long as there is a desire to change your relationship with the issue, you are in the right place. On top of bringing your own issue, you will also have the opportunity to represent in other people’s constellation during the workshop.

Representatives: All participants at the family constellations workshop, when they are not working on their issue, are there as an available resource for the person whose turn it is to set up their issue. We therefore call them representatives. Representatives are there to represent various members or elements of the systems that are being looked at. Many people get experience deep insights while acting as a representative for others.

“You can only  truly understand someone else when you have walked a mile in their shoes.”

Consequently, being a representative at a family constellations workshop Surrey gives you the opportunity to do exactly this. To experience what it is to be in someone else’s shoes. Representing at a workshop could therefore be a deeply healing experience for you, as well as being ones of the greatest empathy training available.

To learn more about the Surrey family constellations process, please do also read our page on family constellations.

Photo by Dim Hou on Unsplash