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It is with much joy that I can announce that our first Foundation Training in Systemic Family Constellations UK will start in March 2020. This Family Constellation Foundation Training UK is the result of many years of working towards a vision of reconnecting people to the heart, a world where we communicate with one another from the heart and find peace with who we are, with all that this entails. My wonderful and dear colleagues Sandra Disteli and Louise Nicholl have played an integral part in making this vision manifest in the Family Constellation Training UK that we are now ready to launch. We will be running the Family Constellations Training UK courses under the name Family Constellations, a Journey to the Heart.

The Family Constellations Training UK will be held in Surrey. It is open to anyone wishing to find our more about the mystery that lies behind systemic family constellations. We endeavour to work with small groups to keep the training personal and have enough time for personal support and supervision.

The Foundation Training in systemic family constellations will cover the principles that lie behind this unique therapy. We will develop the skills needed to work with a systemic approach in our participants so they can apply them to their own family, and use them in their own practice. We welcome practitioners who aim to integrate a systemic approach in their own practice as well as any individual who just wants to understand the principles of family constellations at a deeper level and apply them to their own personal situation.