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“Life doesn’t have to go your way to enjoy what you have”

from my six year old daughter

Systemic Family Constellations Courses Surrey, UK

Having benefited hugely from systemic family constellations myself, and getting a lot of enjoyment out of teaching, I have developed a deep yearning to pass on my knowledge of this work in form of training courses. Together with my dear colleagues Sandra Disteli (www.sandradisteli.ch) and Louise Nicholl (www.louisenicholl.com), I have developed a Family Constellations Training UK which will be available from 2020 in Surrey, just outside London.

For those who are not ready to commit to a full training, or can’t wait until March, I am offering taster classes in Systemic Family Constellations Training in Surrey.

Likewise, Sandra and Louise are offering their own taster sessions for those interested in Systemic Family Constellations courses. Louise is based in Frome, England and Sandra in Basel, Switzerland.

For more information about my Family Constellations training programmes click below: