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1-Day Training: Introductions to Family Constellations

4 – mornings on PARENT-CHILD Resolutions

15-Day Foundation Training in Systemic Family Constellations

  • starting in March 2020

Systemic Family Constellations Training Surrey, UK

Systemic Family Constellations Courses Surrey, UK

Having benefited hugely from this work myself, and having enjoyed teaching homeopathy at Thames Valley University in the past, I have  developed a deep yearning to pass on my knowledge of family constellations work. Together with Sandra Disteli (www.sandradisteli.ch) and Louise Nicholl (www.louisenicholl.com), I am developing a Family Constellations Training UK which will be available from 2020 in Surrey, just outside London. In the meantime, I am offering 1-day taster classes in Systemic Family Constellations Training in Surrey for those who can’t wait until then. Sandra will be offering 1-day Systemic Family Constellations courses in Switzerland from the autumn 2019.

1-Day Training: Introduction to Family Constellations Course, Surrey

Next Date: 26 October 2019

This day is aimed at giving an introduction to what lies behind the mystery of family constellations UK by exploring:

  1. How is this approach different from other approaches – what does phenomenological approach mean?
  2. Introduction to the family system – we all belong to our family system. Who belongs to it?
  3. The importance of belonging – why the need to belong to our family system is so important and why it runs much deeper than we are aware of – we cannot not belong.

The learning will happen through a mix of teaching, exercises and constellations

Who is this day for?  Everyone who would like to learn about systemic family constellations in a small group setting is welcome

Venue: St. Anne’s Church, 45 Church Road, Bagshot, Surrey GU19 5EQ

Cost: £75 early bird (until 15th September 2019) thereafter £99

For more information and to book a place contact Marilene on:

07785 772 912 or marilene1@hotmail.co.uk

Parent-Child Resolutions

A learning journey to the heart of parent-child dynamics through systemic family constellations

Starting on 20 June 2019 –  4 consecutive Thursday mornings (June 20, 27, July 4, 11)

Time: 10am-1pm

Venue: St. Anne’s Church, 45 Church Road, Bagshot, Surrey GU19 5EQ

Healthy, happy children can be found in all cultures, religions and social classes. There are many successful ways to raise your children, and some of these ways differ a lot from one another or may even be contradictory. Whatever culture, religion or parenting style children grown up in, there are universal orders that underlie them all. It is these orders that we will be uncovering in this course.

How is this course different?

  • Rather than give you more parenting advice, this course aims to take parents through a journey to the hidden, systemic dynamics that often lie behind challenges faced in every day parenting
  • It looks at the root causes and starts a process of connecting participants to what lies behind a lot of common parent-child issues
  • There will be a mixture of teachings, exercises and self-exploration

Aim – to open up the family heart

  • To connect participants to their family heart and give them an experiential experience of this
  • Introduction to the orders of love as seen in family constellations related to parent-child dynamics
  • Bring to light what is helpful and in support of the family heart (and what hinders it)

Who is this course for?

  • This course is open to anyone who wishes to find out more about what opens up the family heart and supports the flow of love in family systems.
  • Some people may have a specific situation that they would like to address, whereas others will want to just learn more about the systemic dynamics that lie behind parent-child relationship
  • Parents (whatever your situation), carers, therapists or anyone else with an interest in this field is welcome.


  • Teachings, exercises, explorations and constellations

Small group learning

  • 6-10 participants to allow for individual attention and personal work


  • £160

More information and bookings


15-Day Course: Training to become a Family Constellation Facilitator UK

This Family Constellations Training UK will be available from March 2020. We will have more details about this course soon. In the meantime, this is what we can reveal.

The Foundation Family Constellations Training UK is aimed at everyone who has a yearning to learn more about this process, either for personal or for professional reasons, or of course a mixture of the two.

The Foundation Training in systemic family constellations UK will be taught with an emphasis on 1:1 work, while the following year will progress to learning how to facilitate confidently group constellations. We firmly believe that it is important to internalise the systemic lense in 1:1 work first, before moving on to holding groups which is why we structure our Family constellations training UK this way. While we will be using group constellations in the Foundation Training, our emphasis will be on empowering participants to facilitate one to one work to start with.

On this journey with us you will have the opportunity to:

  • learn in a small group
  • receive personal support through one to one sessions
  • practice family constellations through application of what has been taught (with practical days solely dedicated to deepen the learning)
  • experiential learning through time for your own development and personal work
  • develop both personally and professionally


  • to learn about, experience and internalse the orders of love 
  • application of the orders of love and the systemic thinking with an emphasis on 1:1 work
  • to develop sound practitioners of this work
  • to facilitate a personal and professional but most importantly enriching journey through our teaching

The Training will be structured in the following way and include:

  • 6 modules of 2 days (approximately 4-8 weeks apart)
  • 3 Days of Supervised Practice Days (in between modules)
  • 3 one to one Personal Support sessions with Marilene Metzler (90 minutes each)
  • 2 free workshop places with Marilene Metzler

The 2-day modules will run on Friday and Saturday and the Supervised Practice days on a Friday in between modules.

Why us?

  • we are extremely passionate about systemic family constellations work
  • we want to empower others by passing on what’s been a transformative journey for ourselves, our families and our working life
  • we are committed to a world that communicates from an open heart
  • we come from a place of integrated family systems and it is our heart’s desire to make this work more widely available 
  • we believe in learning in a small group (no more than 12 per group) so we have enough time for attention to the individual

To register your interest in this training, please email Marilene via the contact page